Born towards the end of the 80’s Matt Colman was bitten by the magic bug at the age 4. 

Unlike many who have a fleeting interest in such hobbies that soon lead them to “grow up” and try their hand at other skills, Matt was persistent with devouring everything he could about the dark arts.At the age of 5 Matt was convinced he would be a professional magician; it didn’t even take ten years for his dream to be realised.

By the age of 12 he was booked solid as a party magician, by 15 he had appeared on national TV twice, held residencies and was already becoming well on his way to being a highly skilled practitioner of sleight of hand and showmanship.
At 16 he left home to hone his skills in  Spain, working at a custom built magic theatre. Six days a week, two shows a night, Matt quickly got his flight time in, learning, and mastering his art.
Now in his late twenties, he’s as persistent and dedicated ever. He’s an award winning, audience favourite, appearing all over the planet with his world class sleight of hand and mind reading performances.
He is regarded by his peers and by his audiences as one of the top magicians in the UK. Matt never fails to impress.