Preparing for 2010!

All the Christmas parties are out of the way, and now the new year can now get started properly for myself.

From February to April is when I start working on brand new things for 2010, I’ve got some new mind reading routines that are being road tested as we speak, and plenty of new close up magic that i’ve been working on.  As I get many repeat bookings each year, I like to expand the repertoire so that my regular clients never see the same show twice. Many magicians will do the same tried and tested things year in and year out, which is great – however as a booker you might think of hiring somebody else next time you require a close up magic or table magician – as you feel you’ve already seen what they do. I take pride in extensively pushing the boundaries of what I do so that every year the material is even stronger than the year before. Some things get retired or re-worked, others stay where they are, and the new items that get put in truly get better each year!

I’ve got lots of side projects and concepts that are being developed this year – I look forward to revealing more details of each throughout on coming months…

Christmas Party Magician

Wow! what a busy December and January! December is always a magical month with it being Christmas, and it’s always the busiest time of year for magicians and other entertainers with the various corporate Christmas parties for staff and clients, and of course all the private Christmas parties. If I did the miles I did on the road via plane, I think I would of racked up enough air-miles to become a V.I.P Customer, and would of got one of those platinum cards I saw in the excellent film “Up in the Air”!

In January there is also quite a few “late Christmas parties” Which are always fun – although it still seems strange to go to an Xmas party in January!

Like most years I had many last minute Christmas party enquires, and unfortunately for many I was already booked up.  Like I mentioned before, as the festive period is so busy – to guarantee a good magician for your event you ideally need to book at least two months in advance. I’ve already got quite a few dates booked in for Christmas 2010 that where booked in 2009! Ideally once you have a venue booked and a rough idea of the approximate number of guests then it is best to look around for entertainment – Close up magicians and table magicians are such a popular choice for Xmas that you really don’t want to find all the good magicians are booked up, and you are left with the rabble!

This Christmas many companies and private bookers booked my Close Up Magic/ Table magic in conjunction with my Mind Reading Show. The Mind-Reading show is always a fantastic way to round off the evening after the meal, with myself performing table magic before and around the meal. I also offer fantastic rates on booking the two options together.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year – and if you saw one of my live performances I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself!

Warning Wet Paint!


The site and blog have all been re-designed, I think its all looking better than ever!

I’ve just finished another season in Spain working with the great guys and girls at the House Of Illusion in Salou. This year in Spain it has been the hottest one in over ten years! It was scorching almost everyday. There was some top talent at the House Of Illusion this year including my friend, the wonderful Matthew Wright, his brilliant comedy magic act with his puppet Eugene is always a treat for the crowds. The audiences this year at the House Of Illusion have been incredible to perform to, and I’ve had some fantastic feedback. One of the highlights of this season was when myself and the owner of the House Of Illusion, my good friend Rodney James Piper traveled up to Reus (A lovely traditional Spanish town near Barcelona) to see one of our idols of magic perform his one man show. His name is René Lavand, hailing from Argentina – you may not be familiar with his name, but if I said the one armed magician, and mentioned his “catchphrase” which has been made famous through his many performances on TV Magic Shows –  “Red, Black, Red, Black, Red, Black – IT CAN’T BE DONE ANY SLOWER”  you may know who I am talking about! Rene does some of the most technical card magic – made even only infinitely more impossible by the fact he only has one hand to do it with. Even though the show was spoken entirely in Spanish (and I only speak a little) it was an absolute pleasure to watch, and he truly deserved the standing ovation at the end.

René Lavand is considered a legend in the magic world,  but also by people from his home country and the people of Spain. After the show he came out to many fans like a rock star, people of all ages wanted his autograph and a picture with him. Rodney, myself and fellow magician Friends of ours from Reus went out with René for a nice traditional Spanish meal. It was truly an honor. You can see a picture of the House Of Illusion team with René Lavand on my media page.

Unfortunately I won’t be returning back to Spain next year, as I have so many projects lined up for 2010 in England. If you are visiting the House Of Illusion in 2010, the show keeps getting better and better every year so you will not be disappointed. I’ll keep you posted! Its going to be an exciting year.

Here is a video of Mr Lavand performing his great card magic from the World Magic Awards: