Preparing for 2010!


All the Christmas parties are out of the way, and now the new year can now get started properly for myself.

From February to April is when I start working on brand new things for 2010, I’ve got some new mind reading routines that are being road tested as we speak, and plenty of new close up magic that i’ve been working on.  As I get many repeat bookings each year, I like to expand the repertoire so that my regular clients never see the same show twice. Many magicians will do the same tried and tested things year in and year out, which is great – however as a booker you might think of hiring somebody else next time you require a close up magic or table magician – as you feel you’ve already seen what they do. I take pride in extensively pushing the boundaries of what I do so that every year the material is even stronger than the year before. Some things get retired or re-worked, others stay where they are, and the new items that get put in truly get better each year!

I’ve got lots of side projects and concepts that are being developed this year – I look forward to revealing more details of each throughout on coming months…